School Staff

To work is to pray

Our Staff

The staff at St Joseph’s School are committed to living out our Mercy values of justice, compassion, tolerance, peace and forgiveness. 

We work collaboratively with the community and parish to support our students with the integration of faith, life and culture, as we strive for educational excellence and personal growth.

Staff for 2024
Pre-Kindy Miss Ellie Costantino
Education Assistant Mrs Sarah Cooper
Kindergarten BLUE Miss Emma Reid
Kindergarten GOLD Ms Bec Bowen/ Mrs Samantha Matera
Education Assistants Mrs Amanda Irvine/Miss Mia Rhodes
Mrs Pauline Cvejic/ Mrs Sarah Cooper

Pre-Primary BLUE Mrs Dani Scott/ Mrs Samantha Matera
Education Assistant Mrs Carmen Garcia
Pre-Primary GOLD Mrs Helen Petch
Education Assistant Ms Samira Zoghbi
Year 1 BLUE Mrs Andrea Lewis
Year 1 GOLD Ms Olivia Palermo
Education Assistant Mrs Sandra Rouse
Year 2 BLUE Mrs Katrina Malcolm
Year 2 GOLD Mrs Tania Valenti
Education Assistant Mrs Jenny Tesch
Year 3 BLUE Mrs Fran Drummond-Hay
Year 3 GOLD Mrs Aoife Cooksley/Mrs Dorothy Rodrigues
Year 4 BLUE Mrs Judyline Vales de Menezes/Mrs Melissa Edmonds
Year 4 GOLD Mrs Anna Tarle
Year 5 BLUE Miss Amy Williums
Year 5 GOLD Mr Jamie Burns/Mrs Tennille Eoannidis
Year 6 BLUE Miss Danielle Devereux
Year 6 GOLD Mr Caiden Vales de Menezes
Education Assistants Mrs Jenny Tesch/Mrs Jenny Palermo/Mrs Tina Zappacosta
Miss Mia Rhodes/Mrs Jacqui Spurgeon/ Mr Irsan Midjaja/ Mrs Clare Gendron
Ms Peta Eldridge/Mrs Lynda Beadle/ Mrs Claudia Barbagallo/ Miss Nyssa Coutinho
Information Technology Mrs Jacqui Spurgeon
Library Mrs Dorothy Rodrigues/Mrs Lyn Archer
Library Assistant Mrs Clare Gendron
Science Mrs Kerrie Cogger
Art Mrs Rose McGrath
Performing Arts Mrs Ellie Costantino
Sport Mr Nicholas Monzu
Italian Mrs Rose McGrath/ Mrs Melissa Edmonds
Aboriginal E/ Assistant Miss Celeste Haji-Ali
Numeracy Coordinator Mrs Aoife Cooksley
Numeracy Support E/Assistant Mrs Vanessa Nigli/Mr Irsan Midjaja
Learning Support and Students with Disabilities Mrs Viv Ward/ Mrs Lynda Beadle/ Mrs Lynn Tomlinson
Literacy Coordinator Miss Emma Reid
Social Worker Mrs Christine Pittman (Tue,Wed,Fri)
School Chaplain Ms Peta Eldridge
Administration Mrs Andrea Handcock
Finance Officer Mrs Robyn Kelly/ Mrs Angelica Young
Groundsman Mr Robert Williums
Canteen Mrs Maria Ieraci/Mrs Yuli Parkin
Uniform Shop Mrs Deb Beresford
Cleaners Mr Irsan Midjaja/Mrs Ong Hok Sin
Assistant Principals Ms Bec Bowen/Mrs Lynn Tomlinson
Principal Mr John Rose

Faith & Community In the image of CHrist

We at St. Joseph’s School are a faith community striving to recognise and respond to the image of Christ in us all, as we grow through work and prayer.