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"To work is to pray"

Principals welcome

Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Queens Park

St Joseph’s is a double stream, co-educational, Catholic Primary School, catering for students from Pre- Kindergarten to Year 6.

St Joseph’s was established in 1915 by the Mercy Order of Sisters and many of their foundation principles underpin the traditions of the school. One of these traditions is the care and concern for each and every individual of the St Joseph’s Community; student, staff and parents. Mercy Values of Justice, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace and Forgiveness remain central to our teachings and practices.

St Joseph’s is a faith sharing community with close links to the parish. The Parish coordinates the Sacramental Program in close liaison with the school. Children complete Reconciliation in Year 3, First Communion in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6.

St Joseph’s was virtually totally rebuilt 10-12 years ago and we are blessed with modern facilities. The staff culture is extremely supportive of each other and the students we serve. We are fortunate to have specialist teachers in Performing Arts, Physical Education, Italian, Library, Science and Visual Arts.

St Joseph’s students are provided with a 1:1 iPad from Year Three and shared devices in the Early Years as we continue to prepare our students for their future.

We welcome new families and have a vibrant P & F that not only provide fundraising activities but more importantly community building events. We support and encourage parents to extend their child’s education beyond primary school through to St Norbert College.

Yours Faithfully

John Rose

School Principal

School Parish

Empower Your Faith

We are very fortunate to enjoy a close working relationship with the St. Joseph’s Parish Priory in Queens Park. For further information please visit WEBSITE

Interested to work with us?

We are always looking for volunteers to become part of shaping our school. Do you want to become involved in our Parents & Friends committee?