St Joseph's Social Worker

We are fortunate to have a qualified Social Worker on staff to support the students and  families of St Joseph’s School.

Social Worker

St Joseph’s is one of over 40 Catholic Schools in the Perth region utilising the services of a qualified and experienced social worker. Christine Pittman provides a school-based service that includes confidential counselling, helping with the pastoral care of students, contributing to the school’s polices, assisting teachers with social-emotional programs in classes and supporting parents with enhancing their children’s growth and development.

One focus of social work in Catholic schools is the support of children experiencing a variety of problems, including study pressure, falling out with peers, transition to high school, dealing with parents’ separation, sibling rivalry or grieving the loss of a loved one. Christine supports the students and their families during these difficult times and helps to enhance their coping strategies.

Christine is also involved with running “Rainbows”, a loss and grief program for children, and coordinates the presentation of programs and guest speakers for staff and parents on helping children deal with friendship issues. She coordinates the Protective Behaviours class material for staff and provides regular items in the school newsletter on child development issues and behaviour management strategies for parents.

If you would like to speak to Christine please email her on:

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Christine Pittman

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