St Joseph's - Calendar


12 May 2023Year 3 Assembly
12 May 2023Mother’s day Breakfast
11 May 2023Confirmation Retreat Year 6
10 May 20236 Gold Class Mass
08 May 2023P & F Meeting 5:30pm

Kindergarten days for 2023 are as follows:

Kindy Blue every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.50am-3.00pm.

Kindy Gold every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.50am-3.00pm.

2023 Term Dates

Semester One Commence Finish
Term One Wednesday 1st February Thursday 6th April
Term Two Wednesday 26th April Friday 30th June
Semester Two Commence Finish
Term Three Tuesday 18th July Friday 22nd September
Term Four Monday 9th October Friday 8th December

2023 Professional Development Days & Public Holidays

Term 1 Friday 3rd March - PD Day Monday 6th March- Labour Day
Term 2 Monday 24th April - PD Day Tuesday 25th April- ANZAC Day Monday 5th June- WA Day Tuesday 6th June-PD Day
Term 3 Monday 17th July- PD Day Friday 11th August - PD Day
Term 4

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Faith & Community In the image of CHrist

We at St. Joseph’s School are a faith community striving to recognise and respond to the image of Christ in us all, as we grow through work and prayer.

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