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Religious Education, Literacy and Numeracy remain educational priorities and we strive for children to achieve their potential.

One of the keys to success is the parent teacher partnership and we would encourage you to work closely with the classroom teacher for the benefit of your child and support the school by attending parent/teacher meetings and interviews. Where possible also add your name to reading rosters and the like.

Our first learning area at St Joseph’s is Religious Education. The Bishops of Western Australia have prime responsibility for Religious Education and authorise the content and process of the curriculum for schools in Western Australia.

All other learning area content is drawn from the Western Australian Curriculum, which outlines the content for students to be taught each year. It is designed to be coherent and comprehensive. Achievement standards describe expected student performance in relation to the curriculum content for each year level.

The Western Australian Curriculum is organised into eight learning areas. Each learning area contains a year-level syllabus. This syllabus includes a year-level description, specific curriculum content and the Achievement Standard for each year of schooling, from Pre-primary to Year 10.

To find out more about the Western Australian Curriculum structure please open this link to the website : What will my child learn?

For more information about how your child’s progress will be reported please download this information : How will my child’s progress be reported ?

To find out about the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia download this document: EYLF 

To find out more about what your child is learning each term at St Joseph’s please see the curriculum overviews below.


Curriculum overviews


Faith & Community
In the image of CHrist

We at St. Joseph’s School are a faith community striving to recognise and respond to the image of Christ in us all, as we grow through work and prayer.